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River Table Showroom

Elmwood River Table

May 2021

At the beginning of my journey to learn about woodworking and resin crafting I decided to go big or go home and make a coffee table from scratch.  I found this Elm wood slab and had no idea how to cast anything in resin but built a cast pulled off a near perfect clarity on the first try. 

Black Walnut Coffee Table

July 2021

The slab has a perfect grain pattern and a super clear epoxy border with rustic pipe legs.  Partially designed by the client who took this piece home.

Blue & Black Walnut Entryway Table

November 2021

Made with Black Walnut and crystal-clear blue epoxy.  This table was made for a front door presentation table.

Stained Maple Coffee Table

March 2022

I made this table for my mother, so she had the privilege of picking out the slab in person, and requesting a stain before casting the slab in resin. The Epoxy is crystal clear and the wood has an incredibly unique grain pattern and composition.

Void Black Walnut Desk

September 2022

It was a beautiful slab when I purchased it but once I was able to process the raw slab into a flat and sanded piece. The Heartwood and Sapwood colors contrast from dark brown to creamy white and flow into the Void Black epoxy river.  I finished the surface with an oil sealer because I really enjoy the texture of a finished wood top and I think it provides a much more pleasant work surface for a functional desk.

Charcoal Coffee Table

December 2022

It was my first time building a table in this style, but I love everything about it, from the blackness of the color to the textures and patterns within the surface.  This piece is sturdy and built to last with a thick tabletop and heavy legs.

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